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Harmony Secondary School is located on Burnham drive, Wismar,Cheap Jerseys Free Shipping, Linden. There is nothing extraordinary about this school, except perhaps for the fact that although deviant behaviour is prevalent at most of the schools across Region Ten, this particular institution has been stigmatized,Cheap Jerseys From China, as a result of negative reports on violence perpetrated amongst students.Regional Member of Parliament, Rennis Morian,Jerseys NFL Wholesale, concerned about this negative perception, decided to do something about the situation by having his Church partner with the school. Morian is adamant that with the Church and community intervention, the negativity with which this school is perceived could be turned around.He was at the time formally committing the support and partnership of his Church, the Fruits of Calvary church on Burnham Drive. He noted that Harmony Secondary School was one of three schools on the Wismar shore that have been identified by his church for support.The other schools are the new Silver City Secondary and Wismar/Christianburg Secondary Schools.All three schools were sent letters outlining ways in which the church was prepared to assist, but only Harmony had given an official response, Morian said.He was however very optimistic about the other two schools, as both were in full support of the initiative by the church, he said.At a school meeting to which he was invited to officially present his proposal on Tuesday, Morian told his audience of parents and teachers about the numerous ways the church could assist.He also highlighted the reason for the initiative, citing several instances where he was called to the Police Station to intervene in situations resulting from deviant behaviour among school children.“The point I’m trying to make is that these things are not just happening at Wismar, these things are happening at schools all over the country, because I attended a meeting at St. Stanislaus College where my son goes, and there was this incident where some boys threw a squib, and burnt the pants of another student.“There was another incident where a bottle was hurled and it hit my son- he had to get stitches. There is sex going on in schools. So I think we have a national crisis; it’s not just Harmony,Jerseys NFL Cheap,” Morian declared.He added that because of his own past struggles as a youth with gangs and the ‘bad boy’ image; he was especially passionate about helping youths. We are moving to support the parent teacher association (PTA) to help stamp out violence,Wholesale China Jerseys, and other deviant behaviour,Cheap Jeseys NFL, not only through counseling, but by helping to enhance the work that the school is doing, through support in areas such as the arts and music, and even sports, by helping them to acquire the requisite equipment and gear.Your beginning does not determine your destiny. We will have to work to help these young people to fashion their destiny,” Morian declared.He noted that he has already spoken with a fellow Pastor, Leroy James, to have the initiative replicated at schools on Mackenzie.

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