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Police,Wholesale NBA Jerseys Authentic, around noon on Thursday,Wholesale Soccer Jerseys Online, opened fire on a 20-year-old man in Leopold and Breda Streets, Georgetown.According to information, the police fired three shots and residents claimed that the bullets were meant for Omolla Williams, of Lot 83 Leopold and Breda Streets, Georgetown.Jacqueline LegallWilliams’ mother, Jacqueline Legall,NFL Jerseys China, told Kaieteur News that her son and a little boy were with her sitting at her (Jacqueline’s) shop when a police jeep pulled up in front of her shop and the ranks opened fire.She claimed that her son, who realized that he was the target, took off his slippers and escaped. “I was sitting here and was showing my son my phone when the police come…I don’t know the problem with them and my son but when my son see them he wait for a while and then run away,Cheap Jerseys Free Shipping,” the woman claimed.The mother said that the police opened fire without checking to see if schoolchildren were coming home from school.She claimed that one out of the three bullets casing “pitched on a man’s vehicle and burst the window screen.”Legall said that a particular CID rank (name given) attached to the Brickdam Police Station has been after her son for a while, “…If that officer and he crew don’t leave my son alone some tight obeah gone catch them…. I gone mek they vomit snakes and frogs.”“You does mek you children but you don’t mek them mind… I don’t know why they want to kill my son; they could have put he in the lock ups but don’t shoot like that,” Legall stressed.When asked if her son knew Odel Chase,China Jerseys Cheap, who was killed last Monday in a shootout with the police,NFL Jerseys Cheap, she said ‘no.’Chase and three accomplices allegedly robbed an America Street money-changer of $2M. Chase was eventually shot later that day, while his accomplices escaped.When Kaieteur News contacted the Brickdam Station, a source revealed that the CID rank, whom the woman named, is on vacation and he (the source) was not aware of any shooting in that area.

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