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A? Public Bus Commuter Satisfaction survey conducted last year revealed that only 41 percent of the public is satisfied with the service provided.The survey, conducted by the Ministry of Public Works (MPW), measured accessibility, timeliness,Manuel Neuer Trikot Bayern, comfort, information and safety of eight major bus routes, 31, 32,Maillot Psg Pas Cher, 40, 41, 42, 43, 44 and 45 with Route 43.Route 31 (Georgetown/Wales) received a 55 percent rating; Route 32 (Georgetown/Parika) 41 percent; Route 42 (Georgetown/Timehri) 39 percent; Route 44 (Georgetown/Mahaica) 32 percent; Route 41 (Stabroek/South Ruimveldt) 31 percent; Route 45 (Stabroek/Main, Lamaha/Alberttown) 31 percent and Route 40 (Stabroek-Kitty/Campbellville) 29 percent.However (Georgetown/Linden) delivered the best service with 68 percent.MPW’s Chief Transport Planning Officer, Patrick ThompsonAccording to, MPW’s Chief Transport Planning Officer Patrick Thompson,James Rodriguez Trikot Bayern, the eight routes account for 67 percent of the total public bus fleet in Guyana,Blank Trikot Bayern M?nchen, which amounts to 3,513 minibuses.Thompson made this disclosure on February 5, 2015 during his presentation ‘An Imperative for Public Transportation Reform’ at the 5th Engineering Conference at the Guyana International Conference Centre.The Conference was held under the theme “Defending Guyana’s Development with Engineering Solutions”.In his presentation, the Chief Transport Planning Officer gave a breakdown of the five most annoying scenarios passengers face on a daily basis. He highlighted the manner of soliciting passengers at bus parks, the type and loudness of music played in minibuses,Bayern Trikot Ausw?rts 18/19, buses being readily available during peak hours; adequate space (seating and leg room) available to passengers and ease of boarding.Thompson noted that an estimated 60 percentage of Guyana’s productive labour force uses public transportation daily, which is widely available and fairly reliable. He however, acknowledged there are limitations.“The minibuses used [in Guyana] are not designed for public transport vehicle standards. With 15 seats, the vehicles are operating at the limits of their design capacity, even minimal overloading is an unacceptable strain on the suspension system,” Thompson explained.Overloaded mini buses are the norm.He added that at overloaded condition, the vehicles’ centre of gravity will be elevated and when operated at high speeds, tend to become unstable and susceptible to rolling over.Further, the age of the buses is a factor. According to Thompson, many of the vehicles plying the roadways are between 10 and 20 years old.In his presentation, Thompson further noted that minibuses have a marginally lower initial cost but other than this aspect, all the arguments – economic and operational all favour the larger vehicles (buses).“From experience elsewhere,Nouveau Maillot Psg 2018/19, the operating costs per passenger, per kilometer of the 15-seater minibus may be about 20 to 30 percent higher than equivalent to the cost to operate the larger (26-30 seat) vehicle,” he posited.Thompson expressed that recommendations and reformation for the transport sys
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By Enid JoaquinThey say that laughter is the best medicine and that it is good for the soul.After hearing the infectious laughter of Linden’s oldest, Agatha Campbell, affectionately called?? ‘Mammy Gathie’, I was convinced that here indeed was irrefutable evidence.As I stepped into Mrs. Campbell’s room, I was at first taken aback at how frail she looked – but then came that hearty laugh, and all I could feel was her inner strength, her resilience and a joy that was inescapable.Mrs. Campbell celebrated her 105th birthday last week,Manuel Neuer Trikot Bayern, and was honored with a visit from Minister of Social Protection Volda Lawrence, who was in Linden for the Child Protection Rally.The Minister presented her with a hamper, for which ‘Mammy Gathie’ was very grateful. “I like this- this is nice”, the senior citizen had enthused.Many friends and relatives also used the occasion to hang out with the centenarian.Simple LifeThese days, ‘Mammy Gathie’ leads a simple life- no expensive accoutrements surround her, but there is obviously an ample supply of love.She credits her good health and longevity to eating lots of ‘bush fish’ and deer. Her father and brother were good hunters, she had revealed in an earlier interview.‘Mammy Gathie’ celebrates a milestoneA recent photograph of Agatha CampbellShe also noted that she loves deer stew. Her other favorite foods included manicole cabbage (the heart of the palm) and toro cook up.According to her cousin Maxine, toro is a fruit similar to awara, which Mrs. Campbell used to steep in hot water to extract the juice to make a special type of cook up.In her earlier days at Dalgin,Arjen Robben Trikot Kinder, Mrs. Campbell said that she used to rear ‘yardies ’(creole fowls).Farming was also one of her passions,Tee Shirt Psg Femme Personnalis?, which provided the family with ground provisions and vegetables, which significantly supplemented the income her husband earned from logging.This feisty centenarian was known to tend to her garden and take care of her personal hygiene way past her hundredth birthday.And up until then she was still climbing the long flight of steps to her home, sometimes two and three times per day.‘Mammy Gathie’ was born at Dalgin,Maillot Psg 2018/19 Pas Cher, Demerara River, where she attended the St. Davis Primary School. She married her husband Leonard Campbell in 1939, and continued living there until 1970, when she moved to Linden with her children.She settled at Stewart Path Christianburg, where she resides to this day with her son Lincoln.Her husband Leonard was killed in an accident in 1969, which precipitated the move.She was also involved in the accident, but fortunately survived.The lone surviving sibling out of fourteen, she is the mother of four, and grandmother and great grandmother of many.She is reportedly the only member of her family to live to a hundred and over.Today,Maillot Psg 2018/19, ‘Mammy Gathie’ is still capable of dressing herself and even goes to the bathroom unaided.And apart from being a little hard of hearing, and suffering the occasional arthritic pain, she is in perfectly good health. Lincoln describes his mother as a disciplinarian and hard working but very pleasant woman.Regarding her health he pointed out,Blank Trikot Bayern M?nchen, “My mother never had to be hospitalized for anything, except for the accident. Other than that, I can’t remember her being sick.I think it was because she has always been so active with her farm and later her flower garden.”“She loves to sing- she loves the song “Members Only”, and is always singing it or “Cover Me” by Percy Sledge.Mammy Gathie has lived at her present residence since 1970, except for an 8-year sojourn in Canada.Her son Lincoln, said that his mother ‘came back home’, because she wanted to die here. That was in 2000. Sixteen years later Mammy Gathie is still alive and kicking at 105!
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– United Minibus Union President In an effort to alleviate transportation woes faced by residents on the East Bank of Demerara, the United Minibus Union (UMU) has announced its support for the development of a new zone for the “Diamond inside” minibus operators.According to President of the association, Eon Andrews, the issue of commuters being exploited, as well as being left stranded on the minibus park for hours during the night is unacceptable and needs to stop.United Minibus Union President, Eon AndrewsIt has been duly noted that during the peak hours, minibus operators would haphazardly convert to operating a nonexistent Diamond New Scheme route, leaving residents of Grove and Craig stranded on the minibus park for many hours.This is while minibus conductors demand that those disembarking before the Diamond Housing Scheme pay a fare of $160, as opposed to $60 from Georgetown to Providence, and $80 up to the new scheme.Efforts to contact the Traffic Chief proved futile, however, in speaking with this newspaper, a senior official of the Ministry of Home Affairs noted that although it is nonexistent, minibus operators cannot be penalized for taking passengers into the scheme,Arjen Robben Bayern Trikot, as route 42 minibuses are allowed to go as far as the Soesdyke/Linden highway, with no restrictions, into the developing scheme.The official noted that the issue of minibus operators converting to a strict “Diamond New Scheme” route as per their convenience,Fc Bayern Trikot G?nstig, cannot be dealt with by the law, but opined that the minibus operators need to realize that the public is dependent on their services, and they should therefore acknowledge that they have a social responsibility, especially since the same minibuses would go back to operating the regular Grove/ Diamond (outside) route, after the rush hours have passed.“They should think about it, and put themselves in place of the people who,Neues Bayern Trikot 2018/19, after a hard day’s work ,would be stranded on the minibus park for hours. I understand that pregnant women and mothers with young children are no exception. They need to consider also that even though people might be desperate, they probably can’t afford to pay the extra $60,Bayern M?nchen Trikot 2019,” the official said.Many commuters also attested to this, noting that despite wanting to go home, they would stand and wait at the minibus park for hours,Maillot Psg Femme Personnalis?, just because they cannot afford to pay the demanded price.“I won’t lie; I does get a minimum wage. Me husband is a good-fuh-nothing, suh you gotta say that with my li’l bit money, I does got to send three children to school, and manage a house. It ain’t easy. Some days I don’t even eat lunch because of the expenses that I got, you think I gon get money to pay duh ridiculous price fuh go right at Herstelling?” one commuter asked.Meanwhile, the Home Affairs official also pointed out that it is necessary for transportation provisions to be made for the developing schemes all across the country.UMU’s Andrews told this newspaper that several attempts have been made on his part, to engage the Minister of Home Affairs Clement Rohee on the issue, but to no avail. He said that the development of a new zone for the Diamond New Scheme is the solution to a majority of the problems faced by route 42 commuters.“A new zone would be very good, because we already see that Diamond is a growing area,” Andrews emphasized.Hire cars drivers, on the other hand, have not been very pleased with minibuses working the “Diamond inside” route.They complain that usually, minibuses would drop off passengers at the head of the scheme, and hire cars would get their chance at making a dollar, by transporting these to their respective destinations.“Rajah” one of the said hire car drivers told Kaieteur News that for several months now, he and his colleagues have been “suffering”,Manuel Neuer Trikot Bayern, as the rush hour passengers no longer drop off at the head of the Diamond New Scheme.“This is not fair to we…Everybody got to make a dollar when de day come, but dem bus man don’t see that. This is we thing, we does depend on a couple loads fuh mine we family. These bus men nah ga no conscience,” “Rajah” said yesterday.When asked about the possible development of a new zone for buses to operate the “Diamond inside” route, the man noted that it would only be fair if provisions are also made for the hire car operators. He opined that minibuses should only be allowed to operate from Georgetown and on the main roads within

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