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作者: yueyrt1py8    時間: 2018-9-20 10:49     標題: Tee Shirt Psg Femme Personnalis?

The police are investigating the death of 23-year old Ryan Ramkarran called ‘Budhram’, 23, years of Fourth Avenue,Maillot Psg Femme Personnalis?, Bartica, which occurred about 23:20 hours on Sunday? at Second Avenue, Bartica.Ramkarran was strangled by another man after he was confronted while reportedly trying to burglarize the apartment of a Brazilian woman, above a Brazilian-owned restaurant and beer garden.The Brazilian bar in Bartica where the suspected burglar was strangled.But Ramkarran’s mother, Ophelia Persaud, told this newspaper that she heard a totally different version of what transpired resulting in the death of her son.She said that from what she learnt, her son’s death has its genesis in him being involved in a relationship with a Brazilian woman.Persaud related that her son went to a party in Bartica on Sunday night after which he went to the Brazilian club with the woman.She said that his attacker, who is a friend of the woman, saw him there with her and physically attacked him.The woman said that her son retaliated by stabbing the man but was eventually overpowered and killed.“People don’t want to talk the truth. Everybody know my son and this woman deh,” Persaud told this newspaper.She said that the money that her son had on him was missing.“Me ain’t saying that my son ain’t bad but he ain’t went pon dat,” Persaud declared.The man who was responsible for his death,Maillot Psg Femme Pas Cher, Cary Bhojedat, is currently at the Bartica Hospital nursing stab wounds he sustained during the confrontation.A police press statement said that initial investigations have revealed that while making checks after hearing a noise in his home, Bhojedat confronted Ramkarran, who was found in the house.The ensuing battle resulted in Bhojedat receiving several stab wounds while Ramkarran was strangled.The police said that a toque mask with two eye-holes and two cell phones that are suspected to have been stolen, were found on the body of Ramkarran, which is at the Bartica Hospital mortuary awaiting a post mortem.According to an eyewitness’s account, several patrons were at the club imbibing and listening to music when at around 10:30pm some of the patrons heard unusual sounds emanating from the apartment overhead, where the proprietor of the business, 33-year old Nubia Maria Labre Cardoso resides.The woman contacted Bhojedat,Maillot Psg 2018/19, an employee of the Guyana Forestry Commission, and asked him to check the upper flat of the location to see what was happening.When Bhojedat ventured upstairs he detected that the sounds were indeed coming from the main bedroom of the upper flat.He then pushed open the bedroom door and saw Ramkarran rummaging through a wardrobe, while the room was in disarray.According to the source, Ramkarran upon seeing Bhojedat, attacked him with a nine-inch wire that had it points sharpened like an ice-pick,Maillot Psg 2018/19 Pas Cher, and commenced stabbing Bhojedat about his body.But although Bhojedat was stabbed in the back,Maillot Psg Femme, ribs, left arm,James Rodriguez Trikot Damen, face and left side chest, he still used one of his arms to restrain Ramkarran by the neck.The scuffle between the two reportedly lasted several minutes, after which Ramkarran’s body was left lifeless on the bed.The Bartica Police were then summoned to the scene where an undisclosed sum of cash was found in Ramkarran’s pants pockets along with the Brazilian woman’s Cellular phone.Police have confirmed that Bhojedat whose condition is listed as stable is being guarded by the police in hospital as they continue their investigation.Yesterday, several Barticians were heard discussing that Boodram was suspected to have been involved in a number of criminal activities.

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