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More than a decade after the Thomas Carroll visa scandal was exposed, the Department of State of the United States of America is once again probing alleged improprieties involving one of its Consular Officers.The investigations are reportedly centered on the sale of US visas at the US Embassy in Georgetown, Guyana by Consular Officer Ed Durante.The embassy yesterday confirmed reports that a probe was underway,Jordan 11 Mens Australia, stating that “the Department of State is aware of allegations of improprieties relating to a Consular Officer formerly assigned to Georgetown,Cristiano Ronaldo Maglia Juve Adidas, Guyana.”“The Department takes all allegations of misconduct by employees seriously.? We are reviewing the matter thoroughly. If the allegations are substantiated, we will work with the relevant authorities to hold anyone involved accountable,” the Embassy’s press release stated.Kaieteur News understands that Durante is back in the United States of America, having ended his tour of duty at the Georgetown Embassy where he was reportedly dealing mainly dealing with marriage-related visas.Reliable sources have informed that while he is not under arrest at present, his services have been terminated.He arrived in Guyana in July 2011 and his tour of duty should have ended in September 2013. He is now in the US having left here just under three weeks ago. He is not at his native Mission, Texas but in Virginia.A source told this reporter that the fact that Durante is in Virginia would suggest that he is in a lot of trouble.An Embassy source said that he attended a job fair last week which suggested that he is seeking employment.Shortly after his arrival in Guyana he began a scam to issue US visa to persons for a fee of about US$15,000 and to women for sexual favours.The source informed that Durante was a frequent patron of a popular Middle Street restaurant where he would meet with brokers, some of whom were prominent local businessmen.There, they would reportedly organize rendezvous with local females who wanted visas to the United States of America.The scale of the alleged new visa racket scheme is not yet known, but this newspaper understands that it involved the sale of visas for as much as US$40,000.According to a source, Durante demanded as much as US$10,000 for each new visa that he issued,Emre Can Maglia Juve, while others managed to obtain visas in exchange for sexual favours.It is reported that like Thomas Carroll, the jailed consular officer, Durante sold as many as five visas per day,Man City Away Kit 18/19, in the scheme which began soon after he commenced his tour of duty in Guyana.There are also reports that the persons whose visas were either revoked or cancelled were able to get them back for a fee.The source said that the Consular Officer re-issued cancelled visas for a fee of US$30,000 and US$40,000 for those that were revoked.“He makes the Thomas Carroll scheme look like a big joke,Cheap Jordan 12 Mens Australia,” the source said.This newspaper was informed that US Federal Agents had travelled to Guyana to carry out the initial probe.“The Feds are pressing him for names at the mission of who helped him and other businessmen,” the source said.There are reports that Durante was a close associate of the late Georgetown businessman Intaz Roopnarine called ‘Bobby’, who was gunned down in the Cool Square hotel in West Ruimveldt in January of this year.However, there is the view that Roopnarine was just a bit player in the scheme that could lead to senior local officials and prominent businessmen.This new visa scandal comes on the heels of the official launching of a book that details the circumstances surrounding the Thomas Carroll visa racket that occurred way back in 2002.In that scheme, Carroll, through a number of brokers, sold five visas per day at US$8,Cheap Man City Jersey,000 each.
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By Odeen IshmaelThe death of President Hugo Chavez in March has removed one of the most active trailblazers in the South American integration process, even though his physical absence from a few high-level meetings during his period of illness from the last half of 2012 was very noticeable.But while the integration process has continued since his departure from the scene, some recent political happenings have not helped in the forward momentum. Three of them immediately come to mind.Odeen IshamelIn the first instance, Uruguay’s President Jos? Mujica’s publicly-aired private disparaging remarks about the personalities of Argentina’s President Christina Fernandez and her late husband and former president, Nestor Kirchner, obviously created some animosities between the two nations.In the second instance, Colombia’s President?Juan Manuel?Santos’ proposal?to establish a military relationship with NATO has seen quick reaction from the more leftist regional leaders.Thirdly,Cheap Man City Jersey, relations between Venezuela and Colombia have dropped to a new low ever since Santos met in Bogota last month with Venezuelan opposition leader Henrique Capriles who considers President Nicolas Maduro and his government as illegitimate, claiming that the recent election was fraudulent.Added to these, the suspension of Paraguay from UNASUR since the legislative ousting of President Fernando Lugo last year still remains in place. However, with the recent election of?Horacio Manuel Cartes?as the new president in Paraguay on April 21, it is expected that the continental organization will lift the suspension as early as July at a summit expected to be held in Ecuador.?Soon after the result was announced, UNASUR declared?its official recognition of?Cartes?as the legitimate president of Paraguay, a position to which he will officially accede on August 15.The Uruguayan president’s?faux-pas, clearly,Cheap Jordan 12 Mens Australia, will not seriously affect bilateral relations?between the two neighbours. He has since apologised for his remarks?and insisted that the countries will remain close allies?but, no doubt, some rancour still hangs in the air. But relations have not been of their best in recent years ever since Argentina restricted imports and limited access to foreign currencies, measures which have hurt Uruguay’s exports and tourism industry.Citizens of both countries also recall the tumult that arose over Argentina’s objection to Uruguay’s building of a pulp mill on the Uruguay River, their common border. This dispute dragged on for a few years until 2010 when?the?International Court of Justice??ruled that, although Uruguay failed to inform Argentina of the operations, the mill did not pollute the river.With regard to Santos’ statement of his country’s decision “to join NATO,” Bolivia’s President Evo Morales on June 3 described it as a threat to the region and requested an extraordinary meeting of the Security Council of UNASUR. Morales considered Colombia’s decision as a violation of the treaties signed by UNASUR and could involve a dangerous possibility of military intervention to the nations of Latin America and the Caribbean. He described the move as?a “provocation” and a conspiracy against the “anti-imperialist Bolivarian countries,” Bolivia, Ecuador, Venezuela and Nicaragua.Santos had just the day before announced that his government would sign an agreement with NATO “to start a process of rapprochement and cooperation, with an eye toward also joining that organisation.” He explained that the Colombia army could become an international player if his government can pull off a peace deal with the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) to end Latin America longest-running insurgency.However,?Colombia’s defence minister?Juan Carlos Pinzon?on June 4 clarified that the country was not looking at actual membership in NATO but was merely planning to sign a deal with?NATO?for cooperation in human rights, military justice and the education of troops.“Colombia cannot be a member, does not want to be a member of NATO,” Pinzon said, clearly pointing to the geographical disqualification. In remarks to the Bogota daily?El Tiempo, he explained that the deal “does not imply military bases, nor troops or anything that would put security and peace in the region at risk.”Nevertheless, Colombia’s proposed association with NATO has raised genuine concerns. On June 6 in Quito, Ecuador’s defence minister Mar?a Fernanda Espinosa,?during a press conference with her Brazilian counterpart,Man City Away Shirt 2018/19, Celso Amorim,?said:?”We want to know more. We are an integrated, cooperative area in South America, and it is important that we discuss these things.”Amorim explained that the worry has arisen over Colombia, “a member of UNASUR, the equivalent of NATO
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The University of Guyana yesterday announced that Professor Compton Bourne has been re-elected to serve another three years as Chancellor.Professor Compton BourneIn a statement the UG officials said, “The University Administration,Cheap Jordan Shoes Australia, in response to questions raised by a few media houses about recent calls by the University of Guyana Workers Union and Senior Staff Association,Jordan Outlet Australia, for the resignation of Chancellor Professor Compton Bourne,Cheap Soccer Jerseys Wholesale, advises that it does not support the call for his resignation.”At a recent meeting of the University’s? Council,? Prof. Bourne was re-elected Chancellor for a period of three years and “the Administration looks forward to working with Chancellor Bourne,Wholesale Authentic Soccer Jerseys, the Council,Man City Away Kit 18/19, all university staff and stakeholders,Cheap Manchester City Soccer Jerseys, to charter a new course for the institution.”
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Jacksonville wasn't pleased with the performance of Nwaneri or left guard Will Rackley last season. And with longtime center Brad Meester retiring,Wholesale NBA Jerseys Authentic, the Jaguars entered free agency knowing they had to rebuild their interior offensive line.
"We felt like he could really flourish for us and that there's better football still in front of him,Cheap Nike NFL Jerseys," Caldwell said.
A second-round draft pick from Utah in 2010,Cheap Jerseys Free Shipping, Beadles started 62 of 64 games for Denver the last four years. He didn't miss a single snap last season.
Beadles also should fit well in Jacksonville's zone-blocking scheme,Supply Authentic NFL Jerseys.

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