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JAGS aviation, a member of BK Group of Companies, last Friday presented 42 pilotsThe group of pilots and mechanics await their certificates.and mechanics with certificates to mark their completion of training on the M28 Sky Truck and Grand Cessna Caravan.For the ceremony, the Guysuco aircraft hangar was transformed to facilitate the occasion. Delivering addresses were A Partnership for National Unity (APNU) Presidential candidate David Granger and Prime Minister Samuel Hinds. Also present were Police Commissioner Seelall Persaud,Jerseys China Wholesale, Chief of Staff Mark Phillips as well as JAGS aviation and Government officials.Speaking to the gathering, Granger pointed out the importance of the Aviation sector, observing that most of the areas in the hinterland were accessible only by aircraft. According to Granger,Cheap Jerseys Online, a retired Brigadier General in Guyana’s army, there was a need to have aircraft, pilots and infrastructure on the ground and facilities for emergency cases.The Prime Minister also addressed the attendees. Alluding to the fact that he himself is a trained pilot,China NFL Jerseys, he reminisced on his career and encouraged the recipients to make use of the opportunity they have been presented with.Bobby Vieira,Wholesale China Jerseys, chairman of the proceedings, highlighted JAGS Aviations plans for the international market. Its immediate plans include establishing services in and out of Guyana,Cheap NFL Jerseys China, including services between Guyana and Puerto Ordaz, Venezuela, as well as weekly cargo serviceThe M28 Sky truck on the Barbados transporting fruits and vegetables.According to Vieira, a modern ambulance under the ownership of BK Group will also be stationed at the Ogle international airport,Wholesale Jerseys, for emergency transportation, under the auspices of the rescue and fire services.

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