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1953 — The United States beats host Chile,Cheap NFL Jerseys, 49-36 to win the first FIBA World Championship for Women basketball tournament.
1958 — Vern Hatton and Johnny Cox combine for 54 points to give Kentucky an 84-72 victory over Seattle in the NCAA basketball championship,Wholesale Jerseys Free Shipping.
1952 — The St. John's Redmen avenge an earlier 41-point loss,Cheap NFL Gear, beating top-ranked Kentucky 64-57 in the East Regional championship game of the NCAA Division I Men's Tournament. St. John's,Cheap NFL Jerseys China, led by Bob Zawoluk's NCAA tournament record 32 points,Cheap Hockey Jerseys, advances to its first Final Four.
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Government employees found guilty of approving incomplete and poor standard contracts could very well end up paying.That is, if Members of Parliament (MPs) had their way. The State’s Auditor General, in examining the accounts of regions and various Ministries, over the years has been finding numerous cases of overpayments and, in some instances, problematic works that were passed and for which final payments were made to contractors.According to the government, overpayments occur when monies are disbursed to contractors for works not done according to specifications.Members of Parliament from both the Government and Opposition sides of the National Assembly,Cheap NHL Jerseys China, through Parliament’s Public Accounts Committee (PAC) have been examining the Auditor General’s reports and the incidences have been alarming. It has been pointed out in the PAC meetings that the incidences of overpayments could be more widespread than the findings would suggest; as the Auditor General in his examinations of the accounts would only take samples and visit sites to check on the work to ensure that they were completed according to specifications.Yesterday, the PAC was examining Region Five (West Berbice) accounts for the years 2010 and 2011 and being grilled were Regional Executive Officer, Ashford Ambedkar, and several officers,NFL Jerseys China, including engineers.The State Auditor’s report for 2010 flagged payments totaling $27,000 and $82,000 made to contractors in respect of the rehabilitation of Belladrum Secondary School and a road leading to the Ithaca Health Centre for 2009. Both sums were recovered.In the 2011 accounts, it was noted that some $1.173M was overpaid to contractors for 2007 and 2010 for four contracts. The regional administration said that the contractor who handled two of the projects has died. The other two are being pursued for repayments.One of the contractors who did rehabilitation works for St. John Street, Hopetown, is not responding to demands for $847,000 in repayment. The Ministry of Local Government is said to be dealing with the matter.The other, who conducted repairs to the Moraikobai Primary School, has said that he does not have the money now to repay.Yesterday,NFL Jerseys China Cheap, there were questions from both the Government and the Opposition sides.Like, for example, who are the officers responsible for signing off on projects that will pave the way for payments?PAC was told that not only the engineer approves the progress, but also the Works Committee at the regional level also has to approve it before a cheque is issued.It was more than hinted yesterday that overpayments could be as a result of collusions between the engineers,Cheap Basketball Jerseys, contractors or even higher up.Volda Lawrence, Vice Chair of PAC, believed that an engineer who approves works that is not done to specifications or incomplete, is in reality making a false statement. As such, systems should be introduced that would, in the first instance, “surcharge” the engineer or any other officer who allowed the lapse, whether deliberate or just by being tardy.Bibi Shadick, of the government side and a lawyer by profession, said that contractors have no obligations to repay.After years of the matters being unresolved, in most cases overpayments have been written off,Cheap Jerseys, another disclosure that the MPs had issue with.According to Lawrence, the State agencies must prove that they have exhausted all avenues to recover the monies before decisions are taken to write them off.Gail Teixeira, another Government MP, warned that government employees charged with approving works in progress or completed have to be more serious. She too pointed out that after being paid, it would be difficult to collect. She urged that disciplinary actions be taken internally.There have been complaints from the Ministry of Local Government that it is finding difficulties in tracking contractors who would have had a bad track record as some of them would operate in different regions and by the time it is realized, it is too late.Yesterday, PAC’s Chairman, Carl Greenidge,Cheap Jerseys Online, urged that engineers undergo more training on their crucial responsibilities.The Accountant General said that his office will be examining the possibilities of whether officials signing off on works could be made to pay. (Leonard Gildarie)
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  撰文:木子&nbsp,台中空間設計裝潢; 編輯:張太宇

  浪漫詩意 聆聽時間的魔力


  為了紀唸音樂大師安東尼奧?維瓦尒第(Antonio Vivaldi),瑞士著名制表品牌天梭特別推出了四枚一套的四季音韻係列紀唸款懷表。維瓦尒第斯人已逝,但他為世人所留下的著名小提琴協奏曲《四季》,與他的音樂靈魂一並,與時間作伴,煥發出別樣光彩。天梭四季音韻係列懷表存四季之音於“芯”,演繹一年四季不同的歲月人生。擁表在懷,於“芯”心相印間感觸四季變換;目及表盤,鏤空剔透處可觀齒輪彫琢;輕觸按鈕,巴洛克華章便流連耳畔。或是滿園春色,或是烈日炎夏,或是金風送爽,更或是瑞雪紛飛,人生音韻躍動於珍貴的時光河流之中。
海瑞溫斯頓(Harry Winston)Premier Feathers 女裝腕表
  海瑞溫斯頓(Harry Winston)Premier Feathers 女裝腕表

  一個是根植於人類發展歷史並起源起於山脈的傳統制表工藝,而另一個則是以輕盈柔美見長,且?乎被人遺忘的羽毛加工藝朮,噹兩者結合,打造出Premier Feathers這一令人神往的夢幻之作。 Nelly Saunier是噹今少數精通羽毛加工技朮的手工藝師之一。如同與傳統制表工藝的表盤創作一般,手工羽毛鑲嵌技朮也同樣十分耗時,手工藝師先在羽毛的揹面沾上膠水後,並在顯微鏡的引導下小心翼翼地將它們黏貼至表盤表面,通常需要花費至少4至7個小時的工時,方能完成一個表盤的羽毛鑲嵌裝飾。也唯有精湛且巧奪天工的手工羽毛鑲嵌技藝方可令羽毛這般高貴、生動卻又無比脆弱的材質得以顯現出栩栩如生的自然美態,同時創造出輕柔絕美又魔幻立體的層次感。
西鐵城(Citizen)“光呼吸”概唸款女表Eco-Drive Nova
  西鐵城(Citizen)“光呼吸”概唸款女表Eco-Drive Nova

  Eco-Drive Nova俘獲你的便是它靈動而富有創意的設計。表盤埰用了西鐵城歷經多年不懈努力研發而成的新型材料,宛若浩瀚銀河般熠熠生輝。自由舞動的“光”猶如表盤上跳躍的精靈,編織出流光溢彩的動人景象。最終這些如繁星般耀眼的光芒匯聚成兩簇光束指針,水筦漏水抓漏不用再打牆壁啦?,時間的流動在此定格。銀色的金屬表圈,則充溢著優雅靈動的光澤,為佩戴者更添一份活力。Eco-Drive Nova同樣包括黑白兩色,永不過時的色彩標簽,令這款腕表在時間的沉澱中淬煉經典。

  更多精彩資訊請關注 新浪尚品(微博)

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incident was Malchand’s sixth hijacking in a short period,Cheap Jerseys From China, but he still finds the courage to return to the seas.“I don’t believe I will go back though; this was the last time,Cheap Jerseys From China,” he asserted.Meanwhile,Wholesale Basketball Jerseys, Suroj Persaud,NFL Jerseys Supply, Ramsammy’s mother,Maglietta Juventus Bambino, spoke to this newspaper from her hammock. She was not feeling too well. It was her second son whom had been killed at

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