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– Family suspects murder A post mortem examination should be able to determine how a 41-year-old Unity,Fc Barcelona Tienda Espa?a, Mahaica woman met her death.The decomposing body of Shira Khan was pulled from a drain a short distance from the woman’s home around mid-morning yesterday by a cash crop farmer who cultivates the area.Dead Shira Khan Although police have ruled out that she was the victim of a hit-and-run accident, they have not dismissed the theory that Khan,Cristiano Ronaldo Maglia Juve Vendita, a mother of one, who is employed at a Unity, Mahaica fuel station, may have been murdered.The body was in such a state that detectives could not immediately discern whether there were any marks of violence.Family members are almost convinced that she was killed and her body dumped in the drain some time during the past weekend.Khan left her home around midday on Friday to go to work, less than a mile away.She had told her mother that she would be home a bit late since she had intended to visit her male friend at Mon Repos, further down the East Coast of Demerara.Ramdabi Ramlochan,Jordan 11 Mens Australia, said that she had earlier urged her daughter to come home early after work since the area leading to their home was very dark at nights.“She tell me she gentleman call she and tell she to come by he fuh father’s day, so I say she must be tek he suggestion and go since Friday. She would normally go by he at weekends and come back on Monday or Tuesday,” Ramlochan told this newspaper.There is some evidence that Khan did visit Mon Repos on Saturday,Man City Away Home 18/19, since her older sister was told by a neighbour that she was seen in the village market that afternoon.Ramlochan said that accepting the fact that her daughter had gone to Mon Repos, she was expecting her to return home on Monday.A Mahaica farmer points to the spot in the trench where Shira Khan’s body was discovered. However that did not happen and on Tuesday morning Khan still was not seen or heard from.Ramlochan who together with her reputed husband, Bobb-Semple collects empty bottles, was doing just that yesterday when her neighbour called and told her that a body was found about a quarter-mile from her home.“That is all they tell me because they know I does trouble with me heart. I lef and go and while I talking to the police, me daughter notice she sister in de trench…but I didn’t notice she at first,” Ramlochan said, unable to hold back her tears.She added that although her daughter’s body was bloated, she was able to recognize her from the clothes she was wearing.According to Ramlochan, since the two rings her daughter was wearing had been removed from her fingers, there is a strange possibility that she was robbed and then killed.The woman’s working bag and her cellular phone are also missing.“Since Friday night we been calling and we ain’t get no answer. So we thought that she was with she boyfriend and she turn off she phone,” Ramlochan said.Family members informed this newspaper that up to late yesterday,Man City Away Shirt 2018/19, the police had not questioned the boyfriend.“If she de drink and fall down pon de road,Terza Maglia Juve 2018/19, she woulda deh pon de parapet. Is like somebody dump she deh,” a relative stated.The woman’s death has devastated family members since Ramlochan claimed that they are very poor and cannot even afford a funeral.They plan to bury the body immediately after the post mortem examination.“Is me daughter yes and I would like fuh give she a good send off but wha I could do. I barely surviving pon me husband lil pension,” the dead woman’s mother said.

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